Powering Electrification throughOpen Data and Collaboration
Together, we can unlock the full potential of electrification incentives to accelerate market transformation and innovation.
Founding Partners
The ChallengeA Fragmented Data EcosystemBillions in IRA rebates present a transformative opportunity for electrification. Yet, a fractured incentive data landscape is causing confusion and friction for businesses and consumers alike, and slowing innovation when time is of the essence.
Incentive Data as a Public GoodAddressing the climate crisis requires a shift to open data, transforming incentive information into a public asset. This fosters rapid innovation, breaks down inefficiencies, and calls for a unified, decentralized strategy that transcends individual agendas.
Introducing the NODE Collective
The National Open Data for Electrification – NODE – Collective is a nonprofit alliance dedicated to sourcing, structuring, and maintaining comprehensive data on every residential incentive program in the U.S.
Accelerate InnovationOpen and accessible data is the bedrock upon which market solutions can be rapidly created and scaled, accelerating innovation to address the climate crisis.
A Broad CoalitionPublic and private sector stakeholders in every industry and state, with transparent governance and open data frameworks to ensure incentive data remains a public good.
Shared StandardsAvoid duplicated effort throughout the electrification ecosystem, with an open specification for data exchange and shared processes for unifying and distributing standardized data.
CoverageBuilding A Comprehensive National Incentives DatabaseThe NODE Collective has already amassed the most complete, well-structured, accurate set of incentive data in the U.S., as well as developed the tools to enlist a broad coalition in this effort moving forward. Explore the map of state-by-state coverage below to see our current reach.
An Ecosystem of Mutual Benefit
ConsumersAffordability and transparency
ContractorsTools for informed customer interactions
OEMs + RetailersAccurate pricing and richer customer journey
StartupsCreate powerful new tools to drive decarbonization
GovernmentFine-tune policy instruments for maximum impact
CBOsBetter support to bring electrification to disadvantaged communities